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A player can win up to 2000 coins with the Gypsy Queen Icon and Rose the dark, mysterious and beautiful gypsy queen icon can win up to 1 500 coins.

The mythical dragon icon also makes its appearance in the game and can win up to 1250 coins. Gypsys is well known for their ability to read palms. This ancient practice of fortune telling also known as palmistry originate in the East and spread westward by the Gypsy people.

Palmistry involves the analyzing of the form of the hand and fingers and other features like the fingerprints. The Palm Reading icon can win up to 1000 coins. Tarot cards, which were also called, the book of divination of the gypsies, is a deck of 78 cards where every card has a different picture.

These cards were also been used for hundreds of years to reveal hidden truths and for fortune telling. The Tarot Cards icon in the Gypsy Queen game can win up to 750 coins.

Other icons in this captivating game that captures this remarkable culture is the Gypsy Man, Black Cat, Wagon, Dagger, Tambourine and the Magic Candle.

Casino Game - Gypsy Queen
Casino Game - Gypsy Queen

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Gypsy Queen

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Video Slot Machine Games - Gypsy Queen

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